The Dog Rules of Norm’s

Here are the rules that we follow so the Health Department turns a blind eye with our favorite side kicks in the restaurant:

  1. Your dog must be friendly with people and other dogs.
  2. Your dog must be on a leash! No leash, your dog can’t come in.
  3. You cannot let your dog bark while in the restaurant. This is actually a rule that the Health Department told us we have to enforce.
  4. Your dog cannot eat off of the table or any plates on the table.
  5. You must clean up after your dog if it relieves itself on our floor! You need to be a responsible pet owner and take your dog out if you plan on staying for awhile.

For the most part, we can get away with our furry friends (dogs only) coming into Norm’s without the Health Department giving us a hard time. We keep our restaurant and kitchen clean and sanitized. Don’t ruin it for everyone. If you are not a fan of dogs, then we suggest you go elsewhere in Fremont.